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    Anger management services are now safely offered by phone and online. This means you can participate from literally anywhere whether you are in Oklahoma or across the coutry.

    Clients have called from construction sites,  ranches, front porches, offices, vehicles (parked), hotels — and the comfort of their own homes.

    Linda Chapman 

    • Certified Anger Management Classes,  Coaching & Assessments
    • Certified Anger Mamagement Professional
    • Certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator for Couples
    • Certified Breakthrough Parenting Instructor
    • Certified CBT Coach

    Graduate of:

    • UCO (Bachelor’s)
    • OU (Master’s in Social Work)

    Office Hours B y Appointment Only – Call First

    Oklahoma City

    • 6051 N Brookline Ave
    • Office Hours By Appointment Only
    • Oklahoma City, OK  73112
    • (405) 628-7619  (Text/Call)


    • 5272 S. Lewis Ave
    • Office Hours By Appointment Only
    • Tulsa, OK  74105
    • (918) 308-3105 (Call – No text)