Oklahoma City Anger Management FAQs

By: Linda Chapman

Q: Are these services confidential and private?

A: Yes. I will not disclose any information about your participation without your written consent. There are limitations, however: Like any other service of this kind, records are subject to legal subpoena. In addition if I become aware that you have knowledge of or have caused harm to a child or a vulnerable adult (or that you plan to harm yourself or someone else), I must report this as a mandated reporter.

Q: Do you work with people who are not court ordered?

A: Certainly. In fact, most of the people I work with are self-referred and have no court involvement at all. Others may not be court ordered, but may have legal issues which motivate them to get help for anger issues.

Q: Are your services free?

A: No, but the investment you make can have lasting dividends in terms of a better life, improved relationships, and higher self-esteem. Please refer to each service’s page for pricing. I am not aware of any free anger management services.

Q: The judge ordered me to take anger management. How will I get reimbursed for the fees involved?

A: The cost of anger management services is your responsibility. Check with your attorney to be sure, but generally you are expected to foot the bill — not the judge.

Q: Do you take insurance/Sooner Care/Blue Cross/Other insurance?

A: No. Anger is considered a normal emotion — not an illness or medical condition — so insurance does not apply to anger management services.