Anger Management Individual Coaching

Certified Anger Management Professional

stress management oklahoma cityFor those who prefer a personal and private program with highly flexible scheduling  instead of anger management classes or groups, individual anger management coaching is available in my north Oklahoma City office.

Do you need a certificate of completion for court purposes? A certificate will be awarded after 8 sessions. If you need a different number of sessions the length of participation can be tailored to your specific needs.

okc anger management stress managementThe fee for individual coaching is 90.00 per 60 minute session.

A 10% discount on a package of 8 sessions is available *plus* a free book for a total of 648.00 when paid up front. Call 405-628-7619 to schedule.

There is a 39.00 initial registration & materials fee due at sign-up (payable by phone or text). You may pay at the office with card or cash for each individual session or for the full discounted package.

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My services involve educational coaching, therefore health insurance does not apply. If you choose to use a health care provider who accepts your health care insurance, be advised that you are likely to receive a mental health diagnosis which will be reported to your insurance company and which may affect future insurability and have other consequences. I do not make mental health diagnoses, and your work with me is confidential to tthe limits of the law. Please ask if you have any questions.