Anger Management Class FAQs

Anger Class FAQs

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 Payment option

Please See thre Check Out page for current pricing.

(Prices subject to change without notice)

Your program may include streaming video and/or online learning modules as a part of the curriculum for which you may receive class credit. Most of the classes are live over the phone. If you want an online online only program please be aware that nmost referral sources DO NOT accept online anger progtams. However if you are self referred I can help you out with a custom online only (pre-recorded interactive) or hybrid online-phone program.Call me for dettails. We do not use zoom at this time.

Glad you asked!

From Class #2 forward make sure you have your packet of materials with you at each and every class

At class time be in a quiet, private environment without background noise like music, TV, video games, noisy machinery, etc. It’s fine to call from your parked car.

Be on time. My time is valuable and so is yours. If  you are going to be late pleaselet me know by text pr phone. Make yourself familiar with the no show and cancellation policies.

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 No. Those are generally 52 week programs which must be approved by the Oklahoma State Attorney General’s office.

Yes, and a number of students choose to do so. Just let me know.

 It is your responsibility to call me right at the time of your appointments. If I do not pick up immediately  (rare) I will call you right back.

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I can work with couples  but  I work with each person individually.

No. Insurance does not apply to this anger management educational program. However, class pricing is affordable for most people without insurance.

Claseses are held individually (live) over the phome by Linda ChapmanCertified Anger Management Professional (Certified Coach,  Master Certified in Counseling Skills)

You can check out with credit or debit card, CashApp or Venmo. I will give you  the payment link when we are in touch to  schedule your first appointment .

You will be contacted after submitting the form below to: a) make payment and b) schedule your first class. You can expect to hear from me within 24 hours of submitting the form (generally it is much faster). If you do not hear from me as expected please phone or text  me.

You have 80 days from the date of your first class to complete the 10 hour program. Classes not used within that time will expire.

Usually 60 minutes

The basic program is 10, 1-hour classes /10 weeks in length. (Custom length programs may be available – Please ask)

Sorry, I am not set up to receive cash or checks. You can buy a “Vanilla Debit Card” at Walmart or most drug stores to use to pay online. They cost about $5.

Absolutely. My services are conducted remotely, so you can participate from any location in the US or Canada. If you have been referred by someone other than yourself it is your responsibility to make sure that this program meets their requirements.

I sometimes hear that from people referred by the courts, etc. I am a bit biased of course but I believe most people can benefit from anger management. Once folks get started they tend to agree.

I will not share any informatipn with anyone inless you sign a confidential release of information. Exceptions: 1) All records may be  subject to subpoena by the courts. 2) I am a mandated reporter of abuse and/or neglect of children and the elderly.  3) If you threaten to harm yourself or someone else I will take appropriate action. (Because I care.)

Registration is complete after both the form and payment are received. Appointments are only confirmed after both registration and payment are  received.

“Light” homework is involved. When homework is assigned it must be completed before the next class or you may not receive credit for that class.

While I worked as a therapist for many years, I wear a different hat (coach and teacher) as a Certified Anger Management Professional. Anger Care is an educational program, not therapy. However, new learning can be very therapeutic. People often enroll in my anger management classes along with therapy or counseling elsewhere. They may also participate in free supoort groups like AA, NA, ACOA, Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families, Emotions Anonymous and Celebrate Recovery. Many of those support groups have face to face and online programs.

The AngerCare certificate of completion has been accepted by Oklahoma courts and courts across the country, as well as employers, DHS, probation officers and others. If you have been referred for classes it is your responsibility to check with your referral source to make sure this program is acceptavle to them. Feel free to give them the web address

Age 18 and over.

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Call me! It costs nothing to talk to me about the program and your needs. I look forward to hearing from you.

You will be charged for no-shows (no-calls) or classes not cancelled/rescheduled with at least 24 hours advance notice,

Linda Chapman

OKC – (405) 628-7619

TULSA – (918) 617-6150

If you need to mail or ship something to me please phone for the best address as I am usually working remotely.


Purchases are non-refundable. Please resolve any pre-purchase questions before signing up – 405-628-7619.

I can’t give you statistics because there are too many variables involved. However, I do know the outcome of doing nothing.

As with most things in life you will get out of the program what you put into it.

People of all backgrounds are welcome but my language skills are limited to English. You must be able to read, write, speak and understand English.

Call 911, go to the nearest emergency room, or call a crisis hotline:  +1-800-273-8255

Appointments are available beginninng at 10 a.m.  (Mon – Fri.) Limited evening  appointments after 5  may be available as late as  8p.m. (Central) We will find mutually agreeable times for your classes.

Once you have registered, paid and completed your first class I can issue an enrollment confirmation letter or progress report – by request.

You will receive a Priority Mail packet of materials shortly after registration.

This Anger Management Class FAQ was last updated April 12, 2022.

Yes, provided all fees are paid and all work completed