Anger Management Assessment Oklahoma City, OK

Anger Management Assessments

Q:  Do you offer anger management assessments?

A: Yes, anger management assessments are now available through my N. Oklahoma City office. The cost for the assessment is 200.00. This includes the assessment, copies of the printed report and time spent reviewing the results with you (in person or by phone.)

Please note: Anger management is an educational process. The purpose of the assessment is to identify areas of strength as well as areas for potential growth and/or educational enhancement.

The assessment is completed online at my office. After you complete the assessment I will provide you with a printed report. If you wish, you can sign a release which enables me to send a copy to your attorney, employer or anyone else you choose to designate.

In the report. you will receive feedback about your skills in the following areas:

Emotional Skills:

Personal Communication Style

Personal Change Orientation

This information is useful in identifying areas of existing skill strengths as well as areas in which skills may be developed or enhanced through participation in an anger management educational program.