Anger Management Oklahoma City

Certified Anger Management Provider

By: Linda Chapman

New for 2016: Anger Management Assessments Now Available

Are you dealing with an anger problem? Constantly stressed out?  I offer both stress and anger management classes and  individual anger management coaching  services in my Oklahoma City office.

I really enjoy supporting people as they discover their own strength and resiliency. Acquiring new information and skills opens up more choices and options when responding to the things that push our buttons. As we gain awareness and practice more positive responses over time a new way of life can take hold.

It is possible to be set free from old patterns which keep you stuck and find greater satisfaction in life.

Anger Management Classes (Group)
Economical small group anger management classes for adults are available on Thursday evenings, 6:00-8:00 p.m.  You can start anytime,  but seating is limited and you must enroll in advance by phone (405-628-7619)/ This “Fast Forward” program runs for four weeks with two, 1-hour sessions per night from 6:00-8:00 p.m.
Individual Anger Management Coaching Sessions
Individual anger management coaching services in Oklahoma City. With highly flexible scheduling, coaching sessions are conducted  on a private, 1:1 basis, these sessions are popular with executives and professionals but are available to everyone.
    • Acquire stress management skills
    • Become more empathic and aware of the feelings and needs of others
    • Change your behavior before it destroys important relationships
    • Communicate your needs and wishes more effectively
    • Defuse anger faster
    • Gain better judgment and control of your impulses
    • Improve relationships with people on the job, at school, and at home
    • Learn how to be more positive and get the things you really want without resorting to anger
    • Learn the benefits of forgiveness
    • Learn to identify stress before it turns into anger
    • Stop playing the “blame game” and experience self-empowerment and better self-esteem
    • Discover how to respond to someone else’s anger

certificate-sealReceive an anger management certificate of completion

Anger management certificates are available for 8 sessions/hours and custom length programs. Our anger management certificates are accepted by courts in Oklahoma and across the country. Contact me today at 405-628-7619 or through the website to get started.

Linda Chapman, CAMP