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Join an anger management class. Check this page for sign-up and class info.

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Individual coaching is popular with executives and professionals but is available to all.

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We now offer anger assessments. Discover how anger management can help you.

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Answers to frequently asked questions about our programs

"I wish I had known about these classes before my anger took a toll on many of my significant relationships. There is no shame in accepting you have an anger issue. The real shame lies in ignoring it and continuing hurting others with your actions. Ms. Chapman is a great person to work with if you honestly want to change. She helps you focus on your weaknesses and lets you improve one day at a time. Within few weeks of joining the program, I could feel the difference in my thinking and actions." - A.H., Weekly class member

"I have gotten a lot more out of three or four of these classes than I got out of a 16-session anger class I took online." - M.P., Weekly class member
  • Join An Anger Management Sunday Seminar - Call to Register
  • Our Services Are Delivered 100% Live
  • Individual Anger Coaching Available
  • Call (405) 501-2651 to get started...
  • Couples anger management services available...
  • Our Certificates of Completion have been accepted by courts, probation, employers, and schools...
  • Payment Plan Available Through Paypal Credit - Ask for Details
  • Text or Call Linda at (405) 501-2651 to get started...